Conference Fees


300 BRL
(approx. 60 USD**)

regular registration

450 BRL
(approx. 90 USD**)

late registration


Free of charge

still requires registration
before the deadline

(3 participants + virtual booth + banners)

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           >> IBIC Virtual Booth Customization Guide
           >> General Exhibitor Guide (by Whova)

5,000 BRL
(approx. 1,000 USD**)

regular registration

7,500 BRL
(approx. 1,500 USD**)

late registration

* Students must be enrolled in a program at an institution for higher learning to qualify for the student fee exemption. All submitted registrations will be analyzed. A confirmation of the fee exemption eligibility condition may be asked by e-mail.

** The fees will be charged in Brazilian Real (BRL). Please check the exchange rate at the day of the purchase to get the actual cost at your currency.


Applicable deadlines are listed on the Important Dates menu.



All participants (students, delegates or exhibitors) must fill the Registration Form to get access to the IBIC 2020 virtual conference platform.

Delegates and exhibitors must follow the payment instructions to have their registrations validated. A registration validated after the the regular registration period will be considered a late registration.



Once you finish the Registration Form submission you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the instructions for payment. There will be two methods available: by credit card (preferred) or by invoice.

The payment system will use the delegate/exhibitor e-mail addresses as registration identifiers. Please make sure that the e-mail addresses entered in the Registration Form are identical to those used in the payment system (or invoice request spreadsheet). This will be the only means to cross-reference payers and registrants.

Some additional information about the two payment methods are provided below.

By credit card (preferred method)

The payment of the registration fee will be done preferably by credit card. To do that follow the link to the CNPEM/LNLS payment system which was sent by e-mail after you filled the Registration Form.

For your convenience, group registration is allowed by the payment system. Multiple registrations can be added to the "shop cart". Before confirming the payment you must enter the e-mail addresses of all participants you will be paying for and have registered via Registration Form.

The payment receipt will be sent by e-mail once the process is concluded.

By invoice

If you must make the payment by bank transfer (invoice), please fill the invoice request for delegates (download here) or for exhibitors (download here) and return it to

Beware that an additional fee of USD 40 per invoice will apply on this payment method in order to cover the financial transaction costs. Group registration is also possible on this payment method. If the invoice method must be used, group registration is a way to dilute such fee.

The payment receipt will be sent by e-mail once the process is concluded.


Cancellation and Refund Policies

Requests for cancellation and/or refund of the registration fee must be sent to or using the form available on this page. Each case will be individually analyzed.

Requests for refund of the registration fee must be made up to 30 days before the start of the event. For the refund, an administrative fee will be charged:

  • 10% of the registration fee on payments by credit card, Brazilian “boleto” or national bank transfer.
  • 40% of the registration fee on payments by international bank transfer (invoice).

Cancellations requested any time within the 30 days before the start of the event will not be refunded.

The refund will be made by chargeback on the credit card or by bank transfer, depending on the original payment method.