Pre-recorded Talks

Invited Orals

Anna-Maria Bachmann (MPI Munich) Beam Diagnostics in the Advanced Plasma Wakefield Experiment AWAKE (MOAO01)
Henrique de O. Caiafa Duarte (LNLS) Initial Experiences With Beam Diagnostics During Sirius Commissioning (MOAO02)
Jilei Sun (CSNS) Commissioning of the CSNS Beam Instrumentation System (MOAO03)
Laura Torino (ALBA) Beam Instrumentation Performances Through the ESRF-EBS Commissioning (MOAO04)
Jian Chen (SSRF/SARI) Precise Bunch Charge Measurement Using BPM Pickup (TUAO01)
Jeffrey Dooling (ANL/APS) Diagnostics for Collimator Irradiation Studies in the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring (TUAO02)
Alessandro Curcio (Solaris) Novel Trends in Bunch Length Diagnostics Based on Coherent Polarization Radiation (WEAO01)
Francesco Mazzocchi (KIT) Terahertz Detection Techniques Overview (WEAO02)
Sharon Vetter (SLAC) Optimization of Lasers in Electron Accelerator Applications (WEAO03)
Simon C. Leemann (LBNL) Machine Learning-based Beam Size Stabilization (THAO01)
Miha Reščič (Univ. of Huddersfield) Using Machine Learning Tools to Predict Accelerator Failure (THAO02)
Nazanin Samadi (PSI)
Xianbo Shi (ANL/APS)
Source Size and Emittance Measurements for Low-Emittance Light Sources (THAO03)
Salvatore Danzeca (CERN) Developing Electronics for Radiation Environments (FRAO01)
Irene Degl'Innocenti (Univ. of Pisa) Direct Digitization and ADC Parameter Trade-off for Bunch-by-Bunch Signal Processing (FRAO02)
Gregory Portmann (LBNL) BPM Electronics with Self-Calibration at the ALS (FRAO03)
Tamaki Watanabe (RIKEN) Commissioning of the Beam Energy Position Monitor System for the Superconducting RIKEN Heavy-ion Linac (FRAO04)


Contributed Orals

Longwei Lai (SSRF/SARI) Beam Instrumentation System for Shanghai Soft X-ray FEL Test Facility (MOAO05)
Chloé Lahaye (IN2P3 LPC Caen) The Ionization Chamber Monitor for Electron Beam at Ultra High Dose Rate (TUAO03)
Maxim Saifulin (GSI) Investigation of Novel Radiation Hard and Fast Scintillator for Heavy Ions Detection (TUAO04)
Rahul Singh (GSI) System Identification and Stability Considerations for Closed Orbit Feedback at SIS-18 (TUAO05)
Nils Lockmann (DESY) Non-invasive Longitudinal Profile Measurements of Electron Bunches Simultaneously to FEL Operation at MHz Rates (WEAO04)
Xingyi Xu (SSRF/SARI) Beam Coupling Impedance Analyze Using Bunch-by-Bunch Measurement (THAO04)
Alex Lumpkin (ANL and FNAL) Advanced Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerator Electron-Beam Diagnostics with COTR Techniques (THAO05)
Dmytro Ramazanov (NASU/INR) Features of the Metal Microstrip Detectors for Beam Profile Monitoring (THAO06)
Guobao Shen (ANL/APS) High Performance Data Acquisition for a Modern Accelerator (FRAO05)
Shu-Jun Wei (IHEP/HEPS) Brief Introduction to HEPS BPM Electronics Development (FRAO06)