During the Event

14-18 September

1) There are two types of live presentations: Live Panel and Poster Presentation.

Live panels will take place as a sequence of recaps and Q&As of pre-recorded talks each day. A single Zoom session per day will take place in the Live Panel Session area.

Posters, on the other hand, will be presented live in each subsession of the Poster Session, thus allowing parallel presentation of all posters.

The table below summarizes the role of Whova sessions and subsessions for both types of live presentation:

  Live Stream
(Zoom room)
Q&A Board
Support Material
Live Panel Session Subsession Subsession
(pre-recorded talk)
Poster Subsession Subsession Subsession
(poster PDF)

2) Despite having one single Zoom room for all oral presentations of the day in the Live Panel Session, send your questions for a particular talk in the individual Q&A board of that talk.

The Live Panel moderators will use the Q&A board of each talk as reference for posing questions to the speakers. This is the preferred input for questions.

3) The Live Panels will follow a sequence of recapitulations (recaps) and Q&As with the following durations:

  Recap Q&A
Invited Oral 10 min 10 min
Contributed Oral 5 min 5 min

4) The Industry Exhibition will take place in parallel to poster presentations. The virtual booths can be visited in the Exhibitors menu, where delegates will be able to interact with company representatives via live streams.

If you want a reserved meeting you can either request it in the booth chat or write to the representative directly. In the Attendees menu you can type the name of the company to find out their representatives.

5) We encourage you to explore Whova's Community feature. You can create discussion topics just like in a forum. You can also create Virtual Meet proposals and invite other participants to join in and try to reach out delegates you to get in touch by writing direct text messages.