For Oral Presenters

1) Before the event starts, monitor your talk subsession to check whether delegates have posted questions in the Q&A board. If you can answer those questions by text, you can do it right away, there's no need to wait for the day of your live presentation.

Once your live presentation is passed, we encourage you to keep answering the Q&A board of your talk, including those questions which were already answered by you during your live presentation.

2) In the day of your live presentation you must use the Zoom desktop software directly instead of the Zoom session embedded in Whova. The link of the Zoom room for your Panel will be sent to you by e-mail by the organizers.

3) Install Zoom desktop software in your computer. Do not use the Zoom web application or mobile app.

4) Invited Oral speakers must prepare up to 5 slides to summarize the main points and results of their talks during the live presentation and use the final slide to raise issues and questions of their interest for discussion. This recap should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Likewise, Contributed Oral speakers must prepare up to 3 slides as a wrap-up of their talk and use the final slide to foster discussions. This recap will be limited to 5 minutes.

5) During the live presentation (recap) please share your whole screen instead of selecting the window of your slides.

6) Check the quality of your setup prior to the event:

  • Audio
    • Always prefer using a headset or headphone
    • Watch out for reverberations in your physical room.
  • Camera
    • Check if your camera is working properly ahead of time.
  • Lighting
    • Prefer natural light or a diffuse light source in front of your face.
  • Internet Connection
    • Avoid wi-fi. Use wired connection.
    • Watch out your upload bandwidth. You must have more than 1.2 Mbps upstream bandwidth dedicated to your Zoom session alone.

7) Enter the Zoom room by 12h30 UTC in the day of your talk, i.e. 30 minutes before your panel starts. Try out screen sharing via Zoom, check audio and video with the assistance of IBIC 2020 local organizers and panel moderators.