Virtual Poster Sessions

The Poster Sessions will take place virtually from Tuesday (15 Sep) to Thursday (17 Sep) between 15:10 (UTC) and 16:00 (UTC). Bear in mind this is only the minimal period presenters must be at their positions to answer questions from the audience.

The discussions can continue without any time limit after the presenting period. The presenters can keep using their sessions or arrange meet-ups with other participants in the Community section.


Virtual Platform

The IBIC 2020 virtual platform is based on Whova, which is accessible through a web browser or mobile app. You can find some example screenshots below:

Web browser:

Clicking on the button gives access to the video session on the conference tool the presenter has opted to. If a Zoom session is provided, the live stream will be embedded directly to Whova's window.

The poster pdf can be downloaded in the Handouts section:


Mobie app:

Clicking on gives access to the video conference tool the presenter has opted to. You may be prompted to download the specific mobile app (Jitsi, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Skype, etc.) when using it for the first time.

The poster pdf can be donwloaded in the Handouts section: .


Video Conference Tool

The poster presenter will be able to opt between providing his/her own communicator link* or letting IBIC 2020 organizers set up a Jitsi session using publicly available Jitsi servers (max. 75 participants per Jitsi session) to the poster session. The session will be integrated to the virtual platform.

For best results prefer using a cable connection (LAN) instead of wi-fi (WLAN). The recommended upload bandwidth is 2.5 Mbps or higher. Be sure that you are not sharing the connection with other applications requiring high upload bandwidths which could saturate your link (including multiple video conference sessions).

Poster presenters are encouraged to share their poster windows if they want to highlight specific parts of their posters during the presentation. Please note that the vast majority of video conference tools available today allows the user to share an specific window of his/her desktop instead of the whole screen.

Try out your conference software or Jitsi before starting live session to ensure all resources that will be used are well understood and that your video and audio are properly set up. On the live session try to use the exactly same software version you used during the tests to ensure no unexpected behavior will occur.

*The supported video conference tools so far are: Jitsi, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts/Meet, Skype, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting and BlueJeans. If you want to use another tool please contact and the organizers will check if your tool could be used.


Poster file

The poster pdf file must be uploaded to SPMS observing the corresponding deadlines. An A0 sized poster in Portait orientation is recommended.

The poster will be accessible through the virtual platform together with the video call window.


Acceptance Criteria

The SPC reserves the right to reject publication of papers which have not been properly uploaded or presented in the virtual poster sessions.

Manuscripts of contributions to the proceedings (or enlargements of them) will not be considered as valid posters.