Sep 9 – 13, 2024
Wanda Realm Beijing
Asia/Shanghai timezone

About the Conference

The International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC) is dedicated to exploring the physics and engineering challenges of beam diagnostic and measurement techniques for particle accelerators worldwide. The IBIC series was created by the merger of the biannual North American Beam Instrumentation Workshop (BIW) and the European Workshop on Diagnostics and Beam Instrumentation in Particle Accelerators (DIPAC). It rotates on a triannual basis through the three regions of:

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Americas (North and South)

Asia & Australia


Past Conferences

IBIC2023 - Saskatoon, Canada

IBIC2022  - Kraków, Poland

IBIC2021 - Pohang, South Korea, remote 

IBIC2020 - Santos, Brazil, remote 

IBIC2019 - Malmo, Sweden 

IBIC2018 - Shanghai, China 

IBIC2017 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 

IBIC2016 - Barcelona, Spain 

IBIC2015 - Melbourne, Australia 

IBIC2014 - Monterey, California, USA 

IBIC2013 - Oxford, UK 

IBIC2012 - Tsukuba, Japan