Dec 13 – 16, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Functional Editing System for JACoW

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Poster Presentation MC8.2 Second Track in MC8 Track Group


Zhichu Chen (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute)


Functional programming guarantees the correctness of the output. A system written in statically typed language, such as Haskell, not only benefits from the type-safe property, but can also use the powerful generic algebraic data type (GADT). Furthermore, languages implementing dependent types, e.g., idris, can serve as a theorem proofer, making the whole system total and elegant.

In this article, the author will use Haskell to demonstrate the process of editing. Some interesting details are shown:

  • parsing an article source file (LaTeX or MS Word) to an abstract syntax tree (AST), which can be edited and further parsed back for review;
  • using patch theory to selectively merge modifications submitted by the editor and the author without informing each other;
  • function composition: define function fragments and compose them into real programs.
    f_1 &= \ldots \qquad \text{(read from \LaTeX)} \
    f_2 &= \ldots \qquad \text{(read from WORD)} \
    g &= \ldots \qquad \text{(display AST in HTML for editing)} \
    h_1 &= g \circ f_1 \
    h_2 &= g \circ f_2 \

Primary author

Zhichu Chen (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute)

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